Monday, 21 October 2013

Tinkering with ---- Heer46 Coelian turret & PSC Panther

Interesting new project on the horizon, some Paper Panzers/ 1946 in 15mm. In preparation I thought I'd dig out a Heer46 Coelian turret I had waiting around and marry it with a PSC Hull.

With the '46 stuff I get some latitude both in build and paint so I did the following mods for starters:

a) Re-cut turret ring to accept the Coelian turret
b) Drilled out the commands hatch
c) Added turret and glassis plate grab rails ( some precedence for this I have seen these as a field mod on a bergepanther
d) Added two spare barrels on the engine deck.


Post Note: I'm really, really, impressed with the quality of the PSC kits, outstanding and excellent post service as well. I have some M5 halftracks which I will convert in IDF variants for Yom Kippur and Shermans and Stuarts for a Normandy project. I whole-heartedly recommend them 100%

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