Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Warlord Bren Gun Carriers - without bases

Lovely remodelling job from Warlord, these really do look the part now, painted with MTP camo, Guards Armoured, Normandy. They come with moulded in driver torso, seperate heads and two bren's, one for the AA mount and one "up front".  All decals on these two are Dom's Decals, if you can make them out under the dust!


Erhntly said...

very nice :) I added your blog, in my favourite blogs..


Anonymous said...

Very Tasty.

There is a good clip on youtube from the war, with a German commander driving around in one of those during the Normandy campaign.

Troop of Shewe said...

That reminds me, i have a hollowed out and de-based Warlord Dingo round here somewhere with a converted W-SS crew, painted up and modelled straight from a photograph of one the Tiger Bats in Normandy (forget which without my books handy). Just waiting on me painting its accompanying Tiger as an ensemble.

Anton said...

they look spot on! I've been looking at some of the warlord/bolt action armour and wasn't too sure but this seals the deal, time to go shopping!

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