Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kitchen Table Update# 4 Allied 28mm

Just a teaser today, but you should be able to see some progression between the WIP shots.
First up JTFM Staghound and Warlord Quad (converted), both at the final weathering and detailing stage. Note decals applied and sealed, crew started. The two crew come with the Staghound, I've chopped them down a bit but nice additions. The Quad, has had a canvas roof added, rear superstructure mounting arrangements and rear view mirrors.
(as always click on the pictures for full fat "warts and all" views)
Warlord Churchill, just after decaling, you can also see the effect of washes and oil paint fading. The Quad is the unconverted version, as it comes
 Warlord Churchill, essentially post airbrushing, pretty plain huh!
Converted Quad alongside its standard cousin, you can see the effects of oil paint fading, sneaky Warlord Bren in progress, note no base!.
The next shot shows the painting detailing on the canvas tilts, prior to washes.

This little ensemble is the Warlord 25pdr set. I have mounted the figures on metal washers and fashioned the master bases to facilitate removal. The 25pdr has been slightly modified with the top shield replaced and modelled down.

And also hanging around, 12SS combo, two separate commissions. Heavily mod'd JTFM 251'Ds, mod'd JTFM 234/1, PzrIV and another lovely little Luchs ( with Warlord commander) more of these in later posts.


Anonymous said...

The word great seems a little lacking with regards to the models, so I'll say bloody great.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Excellent as is your standard!


Braxen said...

really superb. Are you using modulation painting?

Troop of Shewe said...

Interesting question. I assume your refering to the "in vogue" Paul Wilder technique. Short answer is yes, but rpobably not noticable! There is significant difference with 1/35 subjects and 1/56 and below, whereby some techniques become very subtle (and not camera friendly) or they have to be over emphasised. Also the subject needs to have suitable areas ( JTFM Jagdtiget for example). I have tried the technique over a few subjects and have not found it overly suits my style, or is visible after all the weathering!. Tanner over at WW2 central has pulled this off very effectively on some PSC kits, but his is a cleaner finish than mine.
That being said, i do have some EW german recce coming though, so i may play with the Panzer Grey, but its fairly risky experimenting with commission work.



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