Saturday, 9 August 2014

20mm SU 12

Had this one on the bench for a while, unfortunately "one-offs" are at the mercy of similar commissions going through, and its was coupled with a two part build! This is a 20mm kit from UM and is really quite nice! there are two fully detailed metal crew dremmelled into the cab, you can just about see them!

Some WIP shots ....

This is at the two part stage; the cab has been built, painted and weathered, along with the two crew, you can see interior colour around the window frames. Essentailly once this bit is done and assembeld you start again with the colours!

As always, full photoshoot on my flickr

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Mark G said...

Lovely work, and an unusual subject.

Troop of Shewe said...

Many thanks, a one off commission so a nice change from the usual vehicle suspects! Looking at it now I think I would change a couple of things, mainly thin out the gun shield to be more in scale....

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