Saturday, 21 August 2010

Panzer IV - WIP

Following on the heels of the Stugs are these two Pzr IVs. One JTFM (in black), one Warlord (in grey). The JTFM pzrIV is realtively straight forward build for me, i've done loads of these and bar distressing the schurzen and stowage nothing much else is needed. The Warlord is a more robust kit but has a couple of aspects i'm not too fond of. So i've altered the following:

1) replace schurzen totally, add rail and JTFM plates
2) Lower turret profile bay shaving off under the turret about a mm.
3) added mud paste to the wheel sections to add some detail.

the rest is the usual bitza stowage on both, with predominately JTFM extra track stowage. Still some work to do, you'll notice the new style of "heads" - what does everyone think?, will post up more pics as i go.


Conrad Hawkwood said...

no zimmerett?

Troop of Shewe said...

The Warlord Pzr IV comes with zimmerit, the JTFM comes without. I could zimmerit it but the costs of alterations and additions gets prohibitive after a certain stage.

sergio said...

Hi. The JTFM and the Bolt Action Panzer IV are same size ? The bolt action like a little bigger then jtfm

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