Thursday, 27 March 2008

General Update

Currently tiling the bathroom so a few things are on hold. Just had some lovely battlefront Panzer IVs with Schutzen arrive together with some Tigers, so will slip them in somewhere. Current projects on the go, of varying priority and in no particular order :
  • Continuing 15mm German force for Normandy, loads of Artillery and Infantry, nice King and Kerr Bases
  • 15mm Eastern Phanlagites
  • 15mm Russian FOW, are order that slipped....
  • 28mm Prince Rupert and Ensign
  • 28mm Company B Hellcats, HMCs, Kubels, 37mm and Howitzers
  • 28mm BAM 251s to finish off
  • Just started - up detailing SnS Models 28mm Jadgpanther with two Tigers
  • 28mm Russo-Japanese
  • Neils Top Secret 28mm Demo project....

Orders in the pipeline from Company B and JTFM, pick order from BAM at Salute.

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